New NFL COVID Protocols Could Have Kept Stephon Gilmore, Patriots From Travelling To Kansas City

The NFL has made several changes to their COVID-19 protocols ever since some players have tested positive to the virus.

Earlier this week, the league informed teams that there are several new changes. Some of the changes include daily testing is being extended to include gamedays, masks are now required for coaches who are wearing face shields and masks are required during walkthroughs. To add to that, if a player is identified as a “high risk” close contact of a player who has tested positive, he/she must be isolated and cannot return to the team facility for a minimum of five days.

If this rule was made official earlier, it would have kept some players from contracting the virus. For example, the New England Patriots found out about Cam Newton being positive to the virus a couple of weeks back. While he was not allowed to participate in the team’s upcoming game of the time, all players who were in close contact with him continued to practice and play. From those players, only one has tested positive so far and the team hopes that others will not.

If the league made this rule official before that game, Gilmore and several other players would have not travelled to Kansas City. In their memo, the league explained:

“An individual will be designed as a “High Risk” Close Contact if they have had exposure to a confirmed positive individual in a way that Dr. Sills, in consultation wth the others identified above, concludes results in a greater chance of contracting the virus than would a “normal” close contact due to the duration, proximity or other circumstances of the interaction.”

We hope that no other players test positive from here on out and these new rules might just help make that possible. Let’s hope for the best!