Adam Schefter Reacts To Stephon Gilmore’s Wife Disputing Cam Newton Dinner Report

We had no idea that a meal that might or might not have happened would be the source of so much feuding.

It’s been a week since ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Stephon Gilmore had dinner with Cam Newton on Oct. 2. What is interesting is that Newton tested positive for the coronavirus on that very day, but Gilmore did not test positive to the virus.

Fast forward a few days, Gilmore actually tested positive. It was after he had travelled with the Patriots to Kansas City and play in New England’s loss to the Chiefs. That’s when news about the dinner between the two players came out. However, Gilmore’s wife has now came forward to say that no such dinner happened:

Schefter then explained:

This comes after he shared the original story about the dinner, when he explained:

“I happen to believe — I was told that in the New England area over the weekend that Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore were spotted having dinner together on Friday night. And I was aware of that over the weekend. So to hear that he tested positive, I’ve gotta be honest, is not overly surprising to me. If you’re at a dinner table with somebody who’s got the virus, there’s a chance I would think that you’re going to get the virus, right? So that’s what we’re dealing with this morning. I think it’s a crisis.”

Following his positive test, Gilmore went on social media to state:

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out since hearing about my positive COVID-19 test. Your messages aren’t unseen and are greatly appreciated. I’m currently asymptomatic and will take this as it comes. I don’t know what to expect, but my spirit is high because of God. I’ve followed every protocol, yet it happened to me. Please be sure to take this seriously.

“The Gilly Lock is going to sit down until the medical professionals let me know it’s best to continue normal activity. Your well wishes and prayers mean the world to me and my family.”

We pray for his fast recovery!