Here’s How Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Missed Each Other This Past Week

Last week was not the best week for both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The New England Patriots had their game rescheduled when quarterback Cam Newton came down with the coronavirus. Because he was unable to play, the Patriots had to start Brian Hoyer and eventually replace him with Jarrett Stidham when his performance was not as good as expected.

With these two quarterbacks, the Patriots saw a variety of issues ranging from interceptions, poor clock management, to just taking bad sacks at inopportune times. These problems wouldn’t have taken place if Cam Newton was the quarterback on the field, but they surely wouldn’t have happened under Tom Brady as well. During Brady’s twenty years with New England, he never had a night in which he made so many mistakes.

On the other hand, Brady had another issue with his new team – the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During their last game, the Bucs committed 11 penalties for 109 yards. To add to that, Brady had a critical error at the end of the game when he thought that his team had another down when they really didn’t have one. These kinds of things never would have happened during his time in New England and if he played for the Patriots, this would have been a game in which he would have taken home the win.

When Brady spoke about this critical error following the game, he only explained:

“I knew we needed a chunk and I was thinking about more yardage. It was just bad execution. You’re up against the clock. I knew we had to gain a chunk, so I should have been thinking more first down instead of chunk in that situation.”

Last season, the Bucs were the most penalized team in the season. If they continue playing like this, they might just keep their place on that list.