Bill Cowher Shares His Believes That The Patriots Still Are No. 1 Team In AFC East

Even though the Patriots have two defeats already in the season, that is not enough to convince fans that they will not win the division this year.

The Buffalo Bills, who are also a part of the AFC East, are actually undefeated this far in the season. On the other hand, the Patriots have two defeats which is decent considering how many changes they underwent this offseason.

When talking about this, Bill Cowher said that he still sees the Patriots as the best team in the AFC East. He explained to reporters:

“The New England Patriots have won this division maybe 12, 13 times. I’m sorry, Cam Newton — if he goes one more yard (against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2), they’re 3-0. And last week, (it’s like) they didn’t play without a quarterback and it still took the Kansas City Chiefs until the fourth quarter.

“The New England Patriots, until you tell me otherwise, they’re going to find a way resourcefully (and) taking whoever they have. I think it’s Cam Newton coming back and I think defensively Stephon Gilmore is the best player on defense and one of the most resourceful coaching staffs. I’ll take the New England Patriots.”

In any case, the Patriots sure look better than we thought they would before the regular season started. Just a couple of months ago, Colin Cowherd said:

“The Belichick-Cam thing has worked better — at least from a PR standpoint — than I thought. But this is going to be a really bad football team. I will acknowledge Belichick likes Cam, Cam likes Bill, Kumbaya. Belichick went on to say, ‘Cam’s worked really hard. He’s done everything we’ve asked. So far, so good.’ But this feels really obvious to me…

“This is not disputable — no functional tight end, no deep threat, the legendary offensive line coach is gone, Brady’s out, Gronk’s gone. It’s bad. I have them at 5-11.”

We hope that the Patriots finish with a better record this season.