Patriots vs. Broncos Will Officially Play Next Sunday

There have been several players from the New England Patriots that have tested positive to the coronavirus over the past week. Since this is becoming a real threat, the league has decided to postpone their upcoming game yet again.

According to reports, the Patriots will not play this week but next week. News about this broke out earlier today:

This comes only a day after coach Bill Belichick spoke about the excitement of going back on the field with his team. He then explained:

“It’s good to be back in the stadium and have everyone back in the facility. It’s been several days since we’ve had an opportunity to do that, both with the players and the staff and all of us together collectively. So, today’s an important day in our preparations for the Broncos. We’ve had several days now of virtual meetings between the staff members and from the staff to the players, so we’ve been able to cover a lot of things but haven’t spent any time together, so today is our opportunity to do that and we look forward to that.

“One thing that we’ve learned this year repeatedly has been we have to be ready to adjust and adapt to changes and modifications in the way we do things and in some cases decisions that really come down to a very short amount of time that we have to be ready to adjust to. We’re certainly taking things day by day, probably hour by hour would be more accurate. We’ll just see how we progress and then as we find out more on our end or if there are other things externally that we can’t control that affect us, then we’ll deal with those as they come.

“Again, that’s the way it’s been all year. I think our team and our players have done a good job of handling those adjustments, and we’ll continue to do that. We’re just going to try to get through the day here today and prepare the best that we can for the Broncos and the opportunity that we have today and then we’ll reevaluate things where we are after that and continue our preparations up until game time. Really, not trying to make a lot of long term decisions here or even game decisions until we can actually get out there today and start to go through our team preparation process together and get a better sense of where we are and what we need to do in the next 48-plus hours.”

We hope all players feel better before the upcoming game next week!