Broncos Preparing For Upcoming Game Like Cam Newton Is The Patriots Starting QB

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton might be back on the field with his team in this week’s game against the Denver Broncos. Even if that does not happen, the Broncos will be prepared for whoever starts at the quarterback position for their competitor.

This a press conference earlier this week, Broncos head coach Vic Fangio told reporters that his defense is getting ready for the Patriots’ top quarterback and all the other options. He explained:

“We’ve been under that assumption the whole time that he would be playing and then adjust if he’s not just like Kansas City did last week … Yeah, we’re anticipating Newton playing but we’ll be ready if he’s not the quarterback.”

He also mentioned this about the Patriots quarterbacks:

“One thing I do every week with the defense is always let them know who the other team’s backup quarterback is, especially if he’s a vastly different skillset than the starter. That’s something you have to be ready for each and every week. Their offense didn’t change a great deal against Kansas City the other night with [Patriots QB] Cam Newton not playing, other than the Cam Newton generated-type runs weren’t there. But they still ran their offense and ran it well. If one of the backups has to play again this week, they’re going to be in a better spot than they were last week because they would have had the week of practice and the prep time of knowing that they’re playing, whereas last week it kind of happened late.”

The Patriots played their last game against the Chiefs without Newton at the quarterback position. That game didn’t really go as planned, with both Hoyer and Stidham failing miserably against the Chiefs’ defense. If Newton does return for the upcoming game, it will mean a lot for the Patriots who are trying to end their losing streak.