Tom Brady Makes Huge Statement On Head Coach Bill O’Brien’s Firing

Over the past couple of days, headlines have been filled with reports about the Houston Texans firing their general manager Bill O’Brien.

Shorlty after the reports surfaces, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady came forward to share his thoughts about the recent development. He defended the coach, who spent five years on Bill Belichick’s offensive staff, after the Texans axed him as their coach and general manager:

“That was really tough to see. I’ve known Billy a long time. I think he is a hell of a coach. I think he does a great job. He has great leadership ability and it’s a very difficult part of the profession. I’ve thought he’s done a great job in Houston over the years. Those guys really seemed to love playing for him.

“It is always tough when you see that happen, especially four games into the year. Four weeks ago everyone was so hopeful about what the season could become. You hate to see things transpire as they do. To lose a coach four games into the season, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.”

When O’Brien himself spoke about the firing, he explained:

“I respected the decision. Look, I know in this business – when we lost to Minnesota, a game we had a chance to win, give Minnesota credit they did a great job. I knew something like this could happen. That’s the business. You start off like that. But I have tremendous respect. Cal called me and we had a nice conversation. I thanked him for the opportunity. I told him that they’ve got a good team here and they’ll turn it around.”

He also spoke about his regrets:

“I think that every decision we made was always in the best interest of the team. We had long conversations. We put a lot of research into them. There were things that happened within the walls of an organization that the outside public will really never know and that’s just the way it is. I totally understand that. We had a lot of great conversations that went into these decisions. A lot of research. We had a lot of people that helped us along the way. We made what we believed were the best decisions for the team. That’s what we always did.”

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