Patriots QB Cam Newton’s Humanitarian Side That Most People Don’t Know About

Cam Newton spent a few months as a free agent before he signed with the New England Patriots. Following his departure from the Carolina Panthers, he was vocal about being his best self and earning a spot on a team in the NFL.

Since Newton has been with the Patriots, we have heard only good things about him. The quarterback is determined to prove to his new team that he was the right choice for them and that he is ready to give his all on the field. However, it’s not only his on-field persona that has won over everyone. It’s his off-field activities as well.

According to repports, Newton has never neglected opportunity to help out someone in need,especially when a child is involved. Not too long ago, in the midst of all the hoopla at the “Peak of his career the NFL quaterback Cam Newton heard a 10 year old boy had spent Christmas fighting a serious heart condition. He was there in two days to surprise the young boy:

At the moment, Newton is more focused on his season and helping the Patriots win more games. A couple of weeks back, he spoke about how amazing he feels to be in New England and with the Patriots:

“I’ve felt extremely welcomed. But as far as the in-person fans, I haven’t, and for obvious reasons. But everywhere I go around town, man, it’s just been so much love. Yeah, so, I know from watching the C’s, or watching hockey, something that I’m not used to, to even watching the Sox play, this is a very sports-enriched town and I’m just happy to be a part of it…

“I haven’t really been able to see the city. From what I do see, the traffic can be brutal, but at the end of the day from just the ambiance you kind of get from seeing the life and people slowly coming back out, it’s just a really neat city that loves their sports. Everybody is passionate. I was just blown away. Being incognito, even the people you would not think knows who you are, know you. It’s mind-blowing. That support is second to none.”

How amazing!