Cam Newton Makes Joke At How He’s Analyzed: ‘You Don’t Have to Question The Tom Bradys’

When the New England Patriots announced the decision to sign quarterback Cam Newton, people worried about Newton’s ability to mesh well with coach Bill Belichick. Three weeks into the season, it is clear that the team was right to take a chance on Newton.

With two wins and one devastating defeat under his belt, Newton is excited to see what is next in store for him. When talking to reporters earlier this week, he explained:

“I was laughing about a lot of things. I’ve been laughing a lot in my whole career by the analysis of who Cam Newton really is. That’s just the honest truth. The fact that here I am in year 10 still having to explain the person and the player that I am is just sometimes disrespectful. You don’t question certain quarterbacks. You don’t have to question Russell Wilson, you don’t have to question the Tom Bradys.

“I hate to name drop but it’s just gotten to that point. Obviously me being a new face and obviously people are trying to find and dig into certain things, they don’t necessarily know that I’m the ultimate professional. I’ve never, not once, jeopardized my team in no way as a distraction personally off the field. I come in here each and every day and I try to give whatever team the best opportunity to win.”

He went on to explain:

“The football game part to me, that’s not pressure. Not being employed, now that’s pressure. Not being able to have grips over your own destiny and your future, that’s real pressure. So when you really put things into perspective and really say is this pressure? This two-minute drive? No, it’s really not. I’ve been faced with pressure and adversity and I pride myself on being able to be in situations that you don’t blink. You just roll with the punches. You just figure certain things out. At the end of the day, with that type of mentality and mantra I believe you’ll be all right.”

We hope to see a lot more good performances from Newton!