Julian Edelman Shares His Mentoring Style, Says He Is ‘Super Proud’ Of WR N’Keal Harry

N’Keal Harry didn’t play that well during his first season in the NFL. Now that he is back for another season with the New England Patriots, he made sure to use his teammates to get some useful advice.

So far, there have been reports about Harry learning from Cam Newton as well as Julian Edelman. These two have been real mentors to the young wideout who is a raising star receiver in the league. When talking about mentoring Harry, Julian Edelman explained:

“I just kind of share with him little things that helped me when I was young. We’ve all been young in the locker room, we’ve all been new to an environment, and I don’t know anywhere else, but here it’s a little different, I guess. That’s what everyone says. You just try to give him little tidbits on things that make things more routine and comfortable for him.

“So that’s what I try do, lead by example, if I see something that could be better … if I see something or if he has a question, I could be the guy that he can ask a question to, so that’s what I try to do.”

In his rookie season, Harry dealt with some injuries that influenced his performance. This season he is much better, catching eight passes on 12 targets for 72 yards in a 35-30 loss to the Seahawks. Edelman added:

“I’m super proud of him. I hope he continues to blossom the way he’s going, because he’s doing an awesome job.”

At the moment, both Harry and Edelman are listed as questionable for the upcoming game that the Patriots have against the Raiders. We really hope that they will be able to pull through and go out on the field with their team. Their talents will be needed in this tough matchup!