Why Patriots 2019 Draft Pick Makes Their Defensive Game Plan Easier

Former NFL cornerback Aqib Talib doesn’t lack confidence, so it is clear why he didn’t want to be take part in returning to the New England Patriots to cover Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller.

Whoever is going to go up against Waller will have his work cut out for him. Since the Patriots are preparing to host the Raiders in the upcoming weekend, they will have to find someone willing to cover Waller and it looks like Joejuan Williams might be the man for the job. Patriots veteran safety Adrian Phillips recently explained:

“When you have tall guys at the corner position, sometimes a lot of them can’t run or if they can run, then they don’t have good hips and Joejuan has both. That’s why he’s out there. So, him being able to be that tall, that physical, that fast and being able to stick with those guys is a real asset to the defense. It makes the game plan a lot more manageable. I won’t say easier because it’s the NFL, but when you have a guy like that can cover those tight ends. It makes it a lot more manageable.”

And about Waller, Phillips said:

“You watch him on film and honestly, I feel like the film really doesn’t give him justice as far as how fast he’s moving. Guy’s running like a 4.4 and then they move him to tight end, so he’s primarily matched up on safeties and sometimes linebackers. Sometimes those guys have no shot just because he has everything in his bag like a wide receiver and he’s able to still be physical at the top of the route and then run away from you. He’s a great target for those guys and they utilize them real well.”

We can’t wait to see what happens this weekend!