Steve Smith Opens Up On Why He and Cam Newton Weren’t Close In Carolina

The Carolina Panthers have not always been a team made out of superstars, but they have had some great players like Steve Smith Sr. and Cam Newton.

During his 13 seasons with the team, Steve Smith accumulated a franchise-high 12,197 receiving yards. On the other hand, Newton led the Panthers to a 15-1 record and the Super Bowl in 2015, also racking up his first NFL MVP award.

During a recent talk with reporters, Smith made it clear that he never really became close with quarterback and explained why that was the case:

“People don’t want to hear this, but I think I was 33 years old. When you’re 33 years old — or 10 years older than your teammate — there’s gonna be a disconnect because we’re obviously looking at things totally different. I had three children at the time, he had zero. I was on the downward spiral for my career, he was just starting his career.

“So, I think there’s obvious things, but people want to put us against each other like ‘Oh, we didn’t get along because of this.’ It had nothing to do with not getting along, but it’s like that Instagram picture where everyone says ‘What color is this dress?’ And depending on how you see things, you can argue over the color, and people do that.

“So, it’s just, it was a 10-year age gap, and I was at a different place. I guess it’s more of a slight on me. What does a 33-year-old man with three kids have in common with a 23-year-old young man? I hope they are not intellectually and maturity-wise on the same level, right? And that’s not a knock on anybody, I’m just trying to explain it in a way that people get it without people trying to assume that ‘Oh, Steve hates him.’ Listen, when I wake up in the morning, I don’t go ‘Oh, what did Cam Newton do or not do?’ I look at football the same way everybody else does — I try to let the game draw it’s own conclusions.”

He finished off by saying:

“I also don’t know the Cam Newton that’s playing for the New England Patriots because I haven’t been around him in a long period of time at 31 years old (Newton’s age) to really say ‘Man, this is why I believe he’s playing well.’ Our paths haven’t crossed in the business world.”