Cam Newton Humiliates Every NFL Evaluator Not Named Bill Belichick

It seems like all AFC quarterbacks are dealing with some kind of injuries at the moment. Even though it is sad to see them all struggling, it is a chance for Cam Newton to go ahead of them and show everyone why he is still a top-level quarterback.

Just last week, Newton threw for 397 yards and is on pace to score 32 rushing touchdowns. Yet, it took months for him to find a team once the Carolina Panthers released him. Why is it that no one wanted to give him a chance when he still shows so much promise?

The Panthers seem to be doing okay with Teddy Bridgewater at the quarterback position, but they paid quite a lot of money for him. On the other hand, the Patriots are getting their money’s worth and even more with Newton this year. He was more than amazing against the Miami Dolphins, and he can be extremely competitive in a shootout, like he was against Russell Wilson and an absurdly high-octane Seattle Seahawks team.

To add to that, we think that the Patriots are the perfect fit for Newton and are really showing off his talents. There were some doubts about Newton’s abilities to fit into Bill Belichick’s offense, but he has already proved all those doubters wrong. He even came forward to say:

“I have to have the endurance like a wide receiver. I have to have the physical toughness as a running back and just the intuitiveness and being cerebral like a quarterback.”

Still, the AFC looks like it will be very competitive with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens looking like they’ll be favorites to be in the conference championship game. That doesn’t mean that Newton will not get the chance to compete for the title himself. We really hope that he will be able to take his team to their next Super Bowl!