Patriots’ Cam Newton Shares Condolences To James White After Family Tragedy

James White has gotten a lot of love from his fans, teammates, and people who love him from all over the world. The latest to share his condolences with the famous running back is his quarterback, Cam Newton.

After news spread that White’s father tragically died in a car accident that also left his mother in a critical condition, many came forward to show their support for the family. As we previously mentioned, Newton was one of them:

Matthew Slater also shared an amazing statement regarding White, saying:

“It’s tough. It’s hard to put into words. We all have mothers and fathers and to lose your mother or father is something that’s never easy. For a tragedy like that to hit the way that it did, it hit us all and we are playing with heavy hearts. It puts things in perspective. Football is a job for us. This is what we do to provide for ourselves and our families. There are things in life that are so much bigger than this game and I think today was a reminder of that. Life is such a fragile thing.

“I think often times you just assume that you’re going to wake up and go about your day and return home safely at the end of the day, but life doesn’t happen like that. For our brother to lose his father and parents to be in an accident like that, I think it hit us all in the heart. I don’t think we’ve processed it yet. I don’t think I have the words to accurately describe how I feel or how guys are feeling.”

He added:

“There are very few that have the character that James has. He’s just a wonderful human being. He’s so consistent in what he stands for and how he carries himself. I think you can attribute that to the way he was raised, how his mother and father raised him. He’s such a breath of fresh air. He’s a quiet gentleman, he’s a humble person who just loves being around his team. He serves us in so many ways and we’re so thankful and fortunate to have a guy like that. He’s a tremendous example for guys young and old. I look at James White and say to myself, ‘that’s a guy that’s doing it the right way’, so he mean’s a great deal to our team.”

Our thoughts and prayers to out to White and his family.