Everything You Need To Know About Bill Belichick And His Family And Parents

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not one to overshare information about his personal life. What we know about his personal life usually comes from his girlfriend Linda Holliday who is more active on social media.

Bill and Linda have been together for more than a decade, or since 2007. Prior to dating her, Bill was married for 28 years to Debby Clarke but the two separated in 2004. Linda spoke more about the coach’s softer side during an earlier interview and said:

“I’ll tell you something about Bill. He can sing. And he can sing well. You won’t hear it. You won’t see it. But he can sing well.”

Linda used to be a television personality and boutique clothing store owner. Now, she works as an xecutive director of the Bill Belichick Foundation, an organization that helps young people all over the world. When talking about their projects so far, Belichick explained:

“We built a field in Uganda. We’re in foreign countries. We’re national and we’re local. In particular, we try to help out Boston’s underprivileged lacrosse teams.”

When it comes to Bill’s children – he has three of them and they are all involved in coaching. Once, Belichick told reporters:

“I got some advice from my dad and I passed that along to my kids. My dad’s advice was to not get into coaching…They are in what they do because that is what they want to do. It’s not my decision. I don’t try to guide them into it, I don’t try to guide them out of it. I try to help them the best I can like any father would try to do for his children. Ultimately, when they become adults and they are ready to make their own decisions then they have a green light to make them. If they ask for my advice I will certainly give them the fatherly advice, the best that I can. But in the end, they are the ones that have to live that.”

How amazing!