Why Patriots’ N’Keal Harry Is Not Worried About Proving Doubters Wrong

N’Keal Harry joined the NFL last season as a draft pick for the New England Patriots. Even though he didn’t put up the numbers that people expected from him, he still managed to leave a good enough impression on people for them to be excited to see him on the field again.

When it comes to Harry and the Patriots, we can say that things could have gone better for him last season. Some injuries as well as his inability to adjust to the offense quickly enough caused him a lot. However, Harry is now back and excited to show the team what he has worked on during this offseason:

“No, I’m not worried about all the noise. Every day I come into this building, I’m worried about getting better and becoming the best player I can be and the best man I can be. I’m not worried about all the noise, it doesn’t matter.

“You can’t please everyone in this world, and I’m aware of that. My grandmother has taught me that. All the outside noise is something that really never phases me and really never has phased me, whether it’s good hype or bad hype, I’m going to stay N’Keal. I’ll stay the same person.”

Head coach Bill Belichick also spoke about Harry recently and explained:

“Well, as I’ve said a couple times this summer, I think our players in their second year have all made a significant jump of growth in their knowledge, both of our system and what they see on the other side from other teams in the league and our opponents and general maturity into professional football. They all fall into that category, and that’s certainly the case from N’Keal, as well. He’s much more comfortable, has a much better understanding this year than what he did last year. He’s been productive for us on the field. He still has a lot of football in front of him and a lot of growth and he works hard every day. He’s a physical, tough kid that likes to compete.

“You can see his competitiveness out there on the field and that allows him to get better. And with his work ethic and toughness and competitiveness, I think those are all good qualities for players to improve and that’s really where all players are in their second year. They’re not where they’re going to be, they’re on the way up, and if they work hard and continue to work on the skills and techniques of their craft, they’ll be able to get closer to achieve their potential.”

We can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming season!