NFL Analyst Explains Why He Believes Patriots Will Win AFC East In 2020 Season

The New England Patriots lost a lot of their key players this offseason. Because of that, some NFL analysts expect them to fall flat this season and lose the AFC championship title to another team.

Peter Schrager is one of the analysts that recently came forward to talk about this. He explained that the Buffalo Bills have emerged as a team that could be ready to take down the Patriots. They have one of the league’s better defenses and an offense with plenty of upside, headlined by third-year quarterback Josh Allen and newcomer Stefon Diggs. However, he still chose the Patriots over the Bills simply because it’s hard to bet against Bill Belichick. He explained:

“The Patriots over the Bills, I’ve not seen in a lot of places. The reason I’m going with New England is just institutional knowledge.

“They’ve won the last 10 divisions. Before we hand this over to the Bills, who are ascending and I do like, I feel like New England has a huge chip on their shoulder. Everyone thinks it was Brady and Gronk and that they were really what made this thing go. Truth of the matter is, I’m not going up against Belichick until he proves to be that he is not the division winner. So I will take the coaching staff and the franchise and the success that it just built into the walls there over the Buffalo Bills.”

The Patriots will definitely enter the season as underdogs. They lost their starting quarterback of 20 years, Tom Brady, in free agency this offseason. Also, another dozen players decided to go and play elsewhere. Shortly thereafter, some of their key offensive and defensive players opted out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, this is going to be a very important season of the Patriots that will either make them or break them.