Patriots QB Coach Already ‘Delighted’ by Cam Newton’s Work Ethic and Charisma

Cam Newton is getting ready for his first season with the New England Patriots. From what we’ve seen so far, he is bringing his strongest energy to his new team as he is building chemistry with them.

It turns out that Newton has been a delight to work with, or at least that is what we’ve heard from Patriots quarterbacks coach Jedd Fisch. During a recent interview, he said:

“Delighted to say that what you see is real, it’s genuine. It’s who he is. The charisma he has is every day. He’s extremely consistent as a person. Whether it be the boisterous personality, whether it be the way he leads, whether it be really everything he brings, the workout routine, his work ethic, it’s the same every day.”

Fisch added:

“Obviously, Cam is going to stand out because you hear him, you see him. He certainly loves the game, but it really feels to me when Cam runs out onto the practice field, it’s truly recess for him. It’s the opportunity to go play. We all remember when we were kids and the bell rang, we got to go outside and take a break from the work and go play. That is kind of the feeling I get from Cam every time he comes out here. It’s a happy place and I think that’s great.”

Fisch finished off by saying:

“The best reflection of his work ethic — we’re not even at four weeks yet where he’s come into the building — is that he’s able to function and run the offense. That’s reflective of how hard he’s worked to get there.”

Newton has been in the league for a decade now. He has had several serious injuries that have impacted his ability to perform on the field. However, we believe that he will be ready to go just in time for the season opener.