Patriots Insider undermines Julian Edelman and Cam Newton’s Intelligence

Whenever the concept of the New England Patriots’ offense has come up in a conversation, the general idea is that it’s complex. For years, players, media, and fans have discussed about this. Well, one Patriots insider decided to express his opinion and insult Julian Edelman and Cam Newton’s intelligence in the process.

Cam Newton and Julian Edelman recently discussed about New England’s offensive system.

Edelman spoke to Newton on the phone about the team’s offense, and reportedly said, “this s### is calculus.” Newton agreed which even looked like an ice-breaking moment in their initial connection.

One former Patriot and current team would disagree. He even had some harsh words that basically insulted Julian Edelman and Cam Newton’s intelligence. And the intelligence of anyone else who shares their opinion.

Fauria Blatantly Undermines Julian Edelman and Cam Newton’s Intelligence

Former Patriots tight end and current co-host on WEEI’s OMF show, Christian Fauria boldly stated that anyone who believes the offense is complex is “the dumbest football player I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Here is the excerpt from the conversation:

That’s a pretty hard shot to take at Newton and especially Edelman who is the one in this instance that said the offense was “calculus.”

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, on the other side, was praising Newton and his success:

In 10 NFL seasons, Edelman has won three Super Bowls. Newton, on the other hand, has won Rookie of the Year, a league MVP, carried a team to the Super Bowl while throwing for 29,041 yards and 182 touchdowns.

Neither of those resumes sounds like a list of accomplishments from two dumb guys. Fauria had a nice 13-year career, but the truth is he wasn’t half the player Edelman or Newton was or is at the moment. That’s always going to come up when someone takes such an unveiled shot at players.