The Story Behind Patriots QB Jarrett Stidham’s Path To New England

Jarrett Stidham joined the New England Patriots last offseason as a draft pick. Prior to that, there was not a lot of information on him – he was pretty silent. However, he did allow his game to talk for him.

When he got to high school, Stidham didn’t want to turn the attention to himself. He went out on the field and just played until all his teammates and coaches noticed him. When talking about this, his former coach Jeff Hulme said:

“He didn’t want anyone to know who he was, just wanted to stay in the background and get some work in. I honored that, but after school started, we had to let everybody know what was going on.”

Hulme explained that he said this to Stidham:

“Come and go as you please. If you can’t make it, don’t worry about it… Never missed a day. Best scout-team quarterback I’ve ever had.”

These are the things that got the Patriots to gain interest in the quarterback. Tom Brady was already with the team for 19 years but the Patriots were aware that they needed someone new to groom for when Brady left or decided to retire. Recently retired offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia was pretty impressed with Stidham from the get-go, as he explained:

“I think [Newton] has a huge edge, because of what he’s done in the league… I don’t think he’s to Cam’s skill set, but this guy is a pretty good player. He also has a tremendous work ethic, and he’s a smart guy.”

No matter how hard the road is to getting to the starting position, Stidham is ready to fight. His former coach Chip Lindsey said:

“Jarrett’s wired the right way. No matter how big the game was, he never flinched. He ran the gauntlet in the SEC, and he handled things well every day. That will help him deal with the fire he’s fixing to be in if he wins that job.”

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