The Story Behind Julian Edelman’s Journey From a Perpetual Underdog to Super Bowl Champion

Julian Edelman had to overcome a lot of things before he made a name for himself as a wide receiver in the NFL. Through his career Edelman has had to channel hard work, competitive energy, and mental toughness to overcome the naysayers.

Edelman talks about his life journey in his memoir Relentless. In it, he talks about many things including his father’s tough love approach to parenting and coaching. Even his father gave a statement about the way he handled things back in the day and said:

“I was pretty bad. But I was bad in a good way, if that makes sense. I’m surprised I didn’t wreck him. My kids didn’t have a normal upbringing. It was all about work. It was all about staying productive. I figured that everything you do has to benefit you. I really wasn’t into sitting around and having fun. Everything I did, you were learning or bettering yourself.”

And about his size, Edelman says:

“I played two more years of Pop Warner and noticed how the other kids were getting bigger, and I wasn’t. They were hitting puberty and I still looked like I was eight years old. I wasn’t the fastest kid anymore. I was getting left behind… It’s a chip on my shoulder, I guess.”

 Then, Edelman talks about his rookie year with the Patriots:

“One day during rookie camp, we were gathered together, and [Coach Belichick] pointed to a picture. I thought it was one of our guards, Steve Neal, but we had no freaking clue. Bill said, ‘You’re going to be sitting next to a guy that has been playing for seven years and you don’t know his name? It would be a good thing to get to know your teammates.’”

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