Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Bündchen Shares Her Beauty and Wellness Secrets

Gisele Bundchen just celebrated her 40th birthday. You could never tell from her appearance that she is 40-years old because she has a very healthy lifestyle that keeps her young. As an environmental activist, fashion fixture, and mother of two, Gisele seems to have found the secret to a good life.

During a recent interview, Gisele spoke about various parts of her life. She started with her morning rountine and explained:

“Life is so fast and there are so many things going at us and we feel like: ‘I have so much to do and I have so little time.’ This is why I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, because nobody needs anything from me at 5:30 and I can take care of myself…it’s like charging my batteries.”

About her makeup routine, she said:

“I’ve always felt better with less makeup. I just feel more like myself. I was kind of a tomboy when I was a kid—flat shoes, messy hair—I’m just like a nature girl. With my face, because it’s angular, less is best for me.”

Then, she went on to talk about her longtime meditation practice—one she has been honing since her early 20s. She explained that she has a 20-minute meditation practice that she goes over in the early morning:

“It’s a different awareness and new level of peace. Once you learn how to do it, it’s yours forever—you can always access that. All you need is 20 minutes. Even with a schedule like mine, I can find 20 minutes.”

She also revealed the secret that she doesn’t use a hairbrush that often:

“After I apply conditioner, I pass my fingers through my hair and let it dry naturally. Every once in awhile, I comb my hair in the shower, but I don’t comb or brush after that.”

She finished off the interview by talking about beauty in general:

“You can go and buy all the products you want, but if you are not nourishing your body by eating nutritious food, if you are not exercising and oxygenating your blood and doing things that bring you joy, you are not going to feel good, and if you don’t feel good you are not going to look good.Because I have never seen someone who doesn’t feel good looking good, have you?”

How amazing!