Mohamed Sanu Shares Another Powerful Workout Video On Instagram

Mohamed Sanu is working hard to get back in shape for the upcoming NFL season.

The New England Patriots receiver has been putting a lot of work this offseason, often also sharing photos or videos of his workouts on social media. Earlier this week, he shared such a video that you must see:

During a recent talk with reporters, Sanu’s trainer Hilton Alexander explained that Sanu is on a fast lane to returning to his previous shape:

“I would tell you he’s probably faster, quicker, leaner and in better shape now than prior to the surgery. I would say he’s way ahead of any doctor’s knowledge or prediction where he would have been at this point. Way ahead of the curve.”

Sanu’s first season in New England didn’t really go as planned. Alexander says that the receiver has his mind set on improving and showing everyone what he can really do:

“I think he knows he was a shell of himself toward the end of the season. He wasn’t in the position where he could do the best he could and be able to offer that Mohamed Sanu that everybody has grown to love all those years in Cinci [2012-15] and Atlanta [2016-2018]. I know the fans didn’t get a chance to see 100% Mohamed Sanu. I promise you, that is a huge chip on his shoulder now.”

He went on to say:

“That’s one of the worst injuries you can get. It takes so much time to heal. Being that he’s a receiver, the ability to cut is probably one of your greatest assets. It hinders your ability to be able to cut as precisely as you want to.That’s why he wasn’t as dynamic as he wanted to be toward the end of the season.”

Alexander finished off by saying:

“He is training like he has something to prove, like this is Year 1 in this league and he has to make his name known.”

With all this being said, we can’t wait to see Sanu back on the field!