NFL Agent Speaks About Most Dramatic Impact In Free Agency – Tom Brady’s Signing With The Buccaneers

Tom Brady made a really big decision this offseason when the announced his departure from the New England Patriots. Ever since his draft in the league back in 2000, the Patriots were the only team he had played for.

Leaving such a situation is never easy for players. In a new team, Brady would have to learn the calls and the offense, build chemistry with his new teammates while also proving himself to the new coaches. However, Brady decided that it was worth taking the rist and at the age of 43, he left the Patriots. Shorlty thereafter, he announced his new deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ever since Brady made his move to Tampa, many have commented on his contract and the possible outcome he could get from his first season with the team. An NFL agent who wished to stay anonymous spoke on this recently, saying that fallout of the deal is unlike anything the NFL ever has seen:

“I guess for me, it’s the same one everybody’s going to talk about. Not because the contract was so monumental, just that there’s been a seismic shift with (Brady). And all of a sudden, the Buccaneers are good, and the Patriots are bad. And I don’t know that any single player ever had that dramatic impact in free agency. Now, we have to play the game still, of course. But one downtrodden franchise is among the best on paper and the other historically, fantastic dynasty franchise on a 20-year run has all of a sudden gotten pretty mediocre. Now, there’s more to it than just that. But it was Tom that instigated the whole thing.”

The Buccaneers have done quite a lot of moves this offseason, which is why we predict they will be better than the Patriots, who have lost about a dozen veterans and signed only one. We are yet to see what happens once the season starts!