Retrospect: 2007 Patriots’ 56-10 Rout of the Buffalo Bills, Tom Brady Performance Was “A Masterpiece of Football”

Tom Brady might no longer be a part of the New England Patriots, but he left us with many memories of his 20-years with them.

During his tenure in New England, Brady was able to win six Super Bowl championships. No other player in the history of the sport has been that successful. When talking about this, Brady said:

“I almost giggle every time I think about that game. Because ever since that game, I’m still trying to get back to that point. Because in so many ways, for me, it was a perfect night.”

The game that Brady is talking about is one that he played against the Buffalo Bills in November of 2007. He was able to score a touchdown on the opening drive, and the few next drives. By the middle of the game, the Patriots had 49 points.

Brady was able to connect on all but eight of his 39 pass attempts for a 79.5 completion percentage. That game, Brady had 373 yards and five touchdowns, with no interceptions. It was one of the best games ever played. Brady went on to say:

“That was a clinic. That’s the one that you’re always trying to strive for.”

Let’s talk more about the game. At the end of the second quarter, Brady overshot the reach of wide receiver Randy Moss in the end zone. However, in the next play, he tried to do the same but with a better throw. That is when Brady hit Moss in the end zone:

“There was such a chemistry between [Randy] and I.When you play with those types of guys and you’re on the same page, you can’t stop them. You can only hope to contain them.”

Than he said:

“I don’t think many people would ever think about that game when they think about my career. I don’t think people would go, ‘Man, that Sunday night Buffalo Bills game, that was the one.’ But for me, when I think about it — and I’ve got this big catalog of games — I think, ‘Yep, that was the one.’”

What an amazing game it was!