Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Patriots’ New QB Cam Newton

Last week, news broke out that the New England Patriots had reached a deal with former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Even though Newton is a very talented player that can bring a lot to the Patriots, there are still some concerns that people have about him. Let’s go over some common misconceptions that have been brought up since Newton arrived in New England on Sunday:

Newton’s skillset won’t fit with the Patriots’ scheme – we believe that he will be able to fit right in. He is a very talented player and one that knows how to read the field. As film analyst Brett Kollmann explained, he will reach his peek with the Patriots this year:

“Just from a pure football perspective, Newton is a perfect fit for this Patriots system. New England traditionally has been one of the few offenses around the league to not just thrive with the quick passing game but to build their whole identity around it. Newton himself is by far at his best as a quarterback when he’s operating one of those wide open, up-tempo, quick passing attacks.”

Newton is a big play waiting to happen – he has been amazing ever since he entered the league but in New England, he will have even greater coaches and teammates. We will let the numbers talk for themselves once the new season starts.

Newton is no leader – about this, tight end Greg Olsen clearly stated his opinion that will show you why this isn’t the case:

“This has been a storyline that has been circulating since he’s come into the league. It’s really become an exhausting storyline. Guys enjoy saying it on the national level because it’s a hot take. Something that garners a lot of headlines and reaction. But there’s not a lot of substance behind it. I don’t even know if it deserves attention at all. For what Cam has accomplished, where we’ve come as an organization since we drafted him, I think all that speaks for itself. Around the locker room, it’s a storyline that’s not even given much credibility.”

Bill Belichick will ask him to completely change his character – we believe that he will Belichick will ask Newton to lead the offense by example. That’s what he always does.

Newton is injury prone – it might have happened in the past, but now we think that he will be even more careful than he was before.