Here’s Why Kemba Walker Believes Patriots Fans Will Love Cam Newton

Two of the most iconic athletes in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, are undoubtedly Kemba Walker and Cam Newton.

Both these players are very talented and were able to lift the city on their shoulders during their stints with the Charlotte Hornets and the Carolina Panthers. Now, both of them are playing in teams based in Boston. Walker has been with the Boston Celtics ever since last year and Newton has been with the Patriots since last week.

These two guys have a great relationship going on. So, when Walker learned about Newton’s new contract, he coulnd’t not congratulate him and share some positive words about it:

“I know Cam, obviously. He was doing his thing. I was doing mine. We actually were both with the same shoe company when we first came out so that’s how we really got to know each other. When I heard the news, it was just crazy. It was just crazy both of us came in the same year, spent the same amount of time there and then both came to Boston. It’s insane to me. But I’m happy for him.

“New beginnings, obviously, and the fans are going to love him. They’re going to love him a lot. So I’m looking forward to, when the world opens back up, going out there to a game and support him. So, yeah, it’s exciting news.”

Newton is one of the most talented players we have ever seen in the NFL. To add to that, his charisma might just be enough to replace the energy Brady carried. We are yet to see if he will be talented and confident enough to replace Brady in the heart’s of Patriots fans, but we think he will!

We can’t wait to see both Walker and Newton back with their teams once sports are allowed to resume!