Here’s The Story About How Cam Newton and Mohamed Sanu Got To Train Together

It didn’t take long for Cam Newton and Mohamed Sanu to start working out together. How the two players managed to establish a connection in such a short amount of time is a question on everyone’s mind.

Earlier this week, Boston Globe’s Nicole Yang wrote that Sanu congratulated Newton on his reported one-year, “incentive-laden” deal with the New England Patriots and decided to see what the quarterback was doing during the week. The two decided to get together and see if they will be able to get the chemistry going. Fortunately for them and the team as well that’s exactly what happened.

NFL trainer Drew Lieberman, who’s been working with Sanu, explained that these kinds of workouts is just what Sanu needs after the surgery that he had earlier this year:

“More than anything, just spending quality time together and learning each other more as people and as teammates. I think that’s what pays off down the road. The quicker you build that chemistry, the quicker things start to click. They’re on a similar mission, like two guys in a contract year, two guys who feel like they have something to prove. They both just want to get back to themselves. When they’re at the top of their game, they’re two of the best at what they do.”

Sanu joined the Patriots in the 2019 season, after he was traded to New England by the Atlanta Falcons. He missed only one game when he had an ankle injury and was able to play out the rest of the season, however the ankle continued to bother him. So, earlier this year, he decided to have it surgically repaired.

As for Newton, he has had to deal with some injuries of his own. These two are expected to have big comebacks in the 2020 season and we honestly can’t wait to see if they will live up to the hype.