Cam Newton Opens Up About Joining The Patriots: “It’s Not About Money For Me, It’s About Respect”

Ever since he entered the league, quarterback Cam Newton has earned over $120 million and that’s not including the endorsements.

This week, the quarterback went on social media to explain that his new deal with the New England Patriots was not motivated by a financial gain. He wrote:

“It’s NOT a lot of things MONEY cannot buy, BUT amongst the top of that list of things, you would find RESPECT as one of those!! THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY FOR ME; it’s about RESPECT.”

Newton agreed to his deal with the Patriots this past Sunday. He will now earn  a base salary of $1.05 million with only $550,000 guaranteed, but can make up to $7.5 million in incentives. That means that he will have to extremely well with the Patriots if he wants to earn all that money which is further motivation for him.

Adam Schefter came forward earlier this week to share that New England was the only team that made the former MVP a formal offer. He explained:

“The truth of the matter is that Cam Newton did not have any other offers from any other teams. There was nobody that was calling him and lighting up his phone trying to recruit him to a certain city. There was one other team that did have one conversation with him. It was very brief, it didn’t go very far, but the Cleveland Browns did talk to Cam Newton at one point in time. Those talks never really went anywhere. They did with New England, and Cam winds up on a one-year contract with the Patriots, which makes all the sense in the world.”

If healthy, Newton could do wonders for the Patriots. He is joining the team on a one-year deal, but he might get another deal right away if he really dedicates himself to the game.