Here’s How The Twitter Community Reacted on Patriots’ Cam Newton Signing

This Sunday, news broke out that Cam Newton was going to the New England Patriots.

Many now seem to believe that the Patriots will try to get Newton prepared to be the started in the upcoming season, making Jarrett Stidham the backup yet again. Josh McDaniels will have a lot of fun working with someone like Newton.

Shorlty after news broke out about this contract, many NFL analysts and reporters took to social media to share their opinions on it. Phil Simms shared:

“IS Cam Newton A GOOD FIT IN NEW ENGLAND?———YES! Patriots have changed offenses many times over the years; screens, passes to RB, play action passes; all perfect for Cam. He has strong arm and great mobilty. I think Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels will figure it out.”

Mike Tannenbaum added:

“Josh McDaniels drafted Tim Tebow in Denver; there will be a lot of similarities in what New England now does with Newton, makes their Offense much more diverse and harder to defend than Jarrett Stidham.”

Chris Simms then posted:

“Cam Newton with Bill Belichick and Josh Mcdaniels could be a deadly combination. The patriots have more versatility in there offense than any other team in the nfl. Plus they are kind of built to play Cam Newton ball.”

We can’t wait to see what will Newton be able to do with the Patriots offense. If he is healthy by the time the season starts, he should be a real threat to the teams in the division.

Newton had to take the back seat in the past couple of seasons because of his many injuries. Now, he needs to make the most of his contract with the Patriots because he has the potential of winning another title with them. We can’t wait to see what happens.