New England Patriots Released A Short Video In Honor Of The Class Of 2020

Things are a lot different this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the NFL Draft took place, the rookies have not had the chance to be properly welcomed into their new teams.

Because of this, the New England Patriots have decided to make a video in honor of the Class of 2020. The video shows Patriots owner Robert Kraft — accompanied by the six Vince Lombardi Trophies earned by his organization — as well as veteran players Julian Edelman, James White, David Andrews, and Devin McCourty. In the clip, White says:

“I know it’s a little different this year, but it is still a special day for you all and a huge accomplishment in life. I know this is a step in the right direction, so you can achieve all your goals and aspirations.”

Shortly after the draft, Bill Belichick spoke to reporters about it and said:

First of all, this is obviously a very interesting draft, the way the whole thing was conducted and so forth. It was really a great effort by everyone. Certainly the people on our end did a tremendous job. Nick [Caserio], his staff, Dan Famosi, the IT people, all the coordination, everything that went into it. There was a lot of preparation. Really went smoothly on this end. The league, that was an efficient operation as well. The trades and the communication that we had with them, pretty normal like it normally would be in terms of timing and so forth. There didn’t really seem to be any glitches, at least not any that I was aware of. We were certainly involved in a number of trades. Those all went off well. So it was really a very, very smoothly run draft.

“Again, organizationally Nick and his staff, Monti [Ossenfort], Dave Ziegler, the scouts, really again did an excellent job of getting the information at all points, whether it was at the start of the draft process or all through in the spring, combine, our different Webex meetings. Very well-organized and efficient that enabled us to operate pretty smoothly and seamlessly the last three days. That was good. This is always a good opportunity, important opportunity, to try to improve the football team. I feel like we did that this weekend. We drafted 10 players, then free agents in the period right after the draft in the last couple hours. Look forward to eventually getting those guys, being able to work with them.

“In the meantime we’ll do what we can do in terms of giving them information and trying to bring them up to speed with the playbook, training methods and so forth. We’ll work through that. Be a little different than what it’s been in the past but we’ll make the most of it. Excited to work with these guys. I know Nick covered the first couple days of the draft so I’ll skip over that. Today we waited for a while until we were able to pick [Justin] Rohrwasser as our kicker. He’s had really an impressive career. Big leg, kicks the ball well. Not great conditions, but handled it well. A mature kid, strong kid. We got to the offensive line with [Mike] Onwenu and [Justin] Herron, then came back and got Cassh [Maluia] as an inside linebacker. He played with Logan Wilson. That was a pretty good tandem. Then Dustin Woodard, who played both guard and center inside. Added some depth in terms of offensive line, tight ends, obviously a kicker, big safety and three linebackers that have some versatility. Plus guys that are coming in as undrafted free agents which we’ve always gotten contributions out of somebody from that group as well. We’ll see how all that ends up.

“That’s pretty much my update. Appreciate everyone being here and following up, that we’re all doing well in this remote environment, safe and healthy. Look forward to getting to the other side of it.”