The Michigan Duo Is Ready To Dominate In New England

The New England Patriots have drafted some amazing players this offseason. They really seem to have a thing for players that come out of Michigan, since they drafted Chase Winovich out of Michigan last year, and this year, the added Michael Onwenu.

With both Jamie Collins and Kyle Van Noy leaving the team in free agency, Onwenu is expected to step right in on the defense and help fill in the holes that were made this offseason. When talking about his draft and the fellow Michigan players that were drafted with him, Onwenu said:

“I think it goes hand-in-hand with the school and the football. I mean, obviously we come from a good school, one of the best public schools, and have some of the best coaches that are out there. We’re always being put in good positions to succeed on the field and off the field and we’re pro-ready. As you could see in our last year’s draft class, most of our guys are already contributing in the NFL.”

With the build that he has, Onwenu will be a handful to move off the mark for any offensive lineman. When talking about this, the rookie said:

“Last season, I played around 368. I’m liking being lighter, so I’m anticipating I’m playing around – wherever the coaches ask me to be is where I’ll be, in short words.”

Of course, he was also asked about Tom Brady who was also a Michigan product back in the day. Onwenu spoke about watching Brady and the Patriots before the draft and hoping he would get the chance to join them:

“He visited one of our games maybe two years ago. It’s always been a nostalgic type of feeling even watching the Patriots, let alone seeing that he was an alumni and coming back.”

We can’t wait to see what this kid can do on the field!