The Patriots Dropped A Teaser Video Announcing The Date To Reveal Their New Uniforms

The New England Patriots are undergoing quite a lot of changes this offseason. A bunch of players have left the team in free agency while a few new faces have joined in. Now, it looks like a change of uniform is coming our way and we are quite excited about it!

After weeks of rumors, the Patriots finally announced that they will reveal their new uniforms next week. They went on social media to share a video with the message: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Bill Belichick, the team’s head coach, did a press conference recently and spoke about the developments of this offseason. He was asked about the technology the team has had to use due to the coronavirus pandemic, to what he explained:

“I’d say master is probably not the right word, but I’m certainly better at it than I was four weeks ago. I mean, I didn’t know what half of this was. But, at least now I can do more than I did, let’s put it that way. So, I get a little better every day – learn a new button or learn a new thing to click on and see what trick that does. So, yeah, it’s been very, very educational as a first floor, maybe even the basement – I’ve lived below the first floor. Yeah, it’s been interesting to get educated on different technologies. Dan Famosi has done a tremendous job for us because he’s had to navigate a lot of this. I mean, there’s the coaching side of it, there’s the scouting, there’s the playbook and preparing for the offseason program side of it, meetings and so forth.

“Just to be able to deal with so many people that are – some are very proficient at some of the things we’re doing, and others, like myself, are remedial. And so putting things together on a lot of different levels for multiple groups and interactions that cross over different connections and needs and ‘can we do this with this type of meeting and this kind of conversation and can we do something else’ – you know, some are one-on-ones, some it’s five people, 10 people, 20 people, and we’re preparing for larger groups than that. So, there really are a lot of moving parts, and Dan’s done a tremendous job for us and tried to pull a lot of things together and remotely help out people like me that need a lot of help.”