Several Factors Conspiring Against Tom Brady Making Tampa The All-Time Losing Franchise A Winner

There is no doubt that Tom Brady is the most competitive football player the NFL has seen in a while. He has a winning mentality that has helped him lead the team not just to division wins, not just to conference wins, but to six Super Bowl wins over his 20-season career.

Fifty-nine comeback wins, including five in the Super Bowl, are a testament to what Brady can do on the field when he has his mind set on winning a game. This season we will see him take his talents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the first time in his career. Now, until the Patriots, Tampa are not used to winning games. They have not even played in the playoffs since 2007 which is an astounding 13 years! So, will Brady be able to convert the team to a winning team or will they change his mentality?

First of all, Brady needs to worry about fitting in with his new team. For the first time ever, he will not have the comfort of familiar coaches or teammates around him. Also, he is not very mobile and he doesn’t like to be hit a lot, which means that he will really need a lot of protection around him which was not the case with younger Jameis Winston who played for the Bucs next season. It will be interesting to see how Brady will fit in with his new team.

Then, there is the division. Unlike the AFC where Brady had to worry only about beating Patrick Mahomes and the Chief, beginning this season, Brady will have to go against the Saints and the Falcons twice a year. In their regular season schedule, the Bucs also have the Broncos, Raiders, Bears, and Lions on the road.  To add to that, the Bucs have to deal with the Vikings, Rams, Packers and defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs at home.

Brady will have his work cut out for him.