‘I Was In That Same Situation’ Dwyane Wade Reflects On Tom Brady’s Patriots Divorce

Tom Brady has left the New England Patriots for the first time in his career. For some, this was the right next step for Brady. For others, this was something that Brady will come to regret.

During a recent interview, Dwyane Wade opened up on Brady’s departure from New England and his joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wade connected Brady’s situation to his return to the Heat, where he finished his career last season:

“One of the toughest things for both an athlete and an organization is the aging superstar. Right? When you’ve got somebody who’s been so great for not only the team but also the community, one of the toughest things is what you do when that aging superstar doesn’t want to move on and when you’re ready to kind of get to that next phase. I’m just giving information about that, because I was in that same situation, I felt.”

During the same interview, Shaquille O’Neal joined in to share his thoughts on the situation and he explained:

“When I was getting my deal redone with Miami, and Pat’s so smooth, he said, ‘Shaq, I love you. You deserve it. I can give you all the money you want, but we ain’t gonna win. Or Shaq, I can give you less money and we can bring in Antoine, Posey, GP, Jason Kapono, all of those guys, and we could possibly win a championship.’

“So at that point, I have to say, you know what, money don’t win it. And I decided to take less money. And we were able to win with the fabulous player and my good friend D-Wade, when we were down two games to Dallas and D-Wade showed up and we beat Dallas four straight games. And they thought they were going to whoop us, ain’t that right, Mark Cuban?”

Interesting opinions.