Report: Belichick Offered Tom Brady One-Year Deal At A Lower Salary Than He Made In 2019

The New England Patriots are only one of the many teams expected to pursue Tom Brady this offseason.

According to recent reports, Brady and head coach Bill Belichick spoke about the veteran quarterback’s current situation but they were unable to reach an agreement. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the two only discussed business as usual. However, WEEI radio host Dale Arnold said that the Patriots offered Brady a one-year deal at a lower salary than he made in 2019.

Arnold explained:

“I will tell you what I was told happened. There were conflicting reports a week or so ago. Both reports said there was communication, there was a phone call between Tom Brady and the Patriots, presumably Bill Belichick. And one of the reports said the call, ‘Did not go well.’ … Adam Schefter confirmed there was a phone call and said it was, ‘Business as usual.’ I am going to tell you how both are right.

“This is what I was told happened: There was a phone call between Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. There was not a negotiation. There wasn’t a, ‘We will offer you a two-year deal at X number of dollars.’ What I was told happened was the Patriots told Tom Brady that all they can do is a one-year deal at less money than he made last year because of the $13.5 million that gets tacked onto the salary cap and basically, ‘What we’re going to be able to do here Tom, is a one-year deal, but it’s not going to be for as much money as you got last year.’”

Brady will become a free agent for the first time ever in just four days. According to most rumors, he is more likely to move on from the Patriots than to stay and finish his career just where he started it.