New England Patriots Are Trying To Get Help For Tom Brady Hoping That Could Help In Their Negotiations With Him

Tom Brady is going to be a free agent for the first time in his more than impressive career as an NFL quarterback. According to recent reports, he is seeking more help from the team that he has spent the last two decades and they are trying to get it for him.

Last offseason, it was clear that Brady was very frustrated with the team’s lack of offensive talent. If they want to bring him back, the Patriots will need to land more offensive players that will guarantee Brady a more successful season.

CNLS Media’s Evan Lazar recently reported this the Patriots are hoping to start negotiations with Brady after they have made some offensive changes. They obviously need to find receivers and tight end that will help the team win games.

In the upcoming season, the team is expected to bring back all-time great Julian Edelman and N’Keal Harry, who just finished his rookie year with the Patriots. Last season, the Patriots also traded for Mohamed Sanu but he didn’t turn out to be the weapon that the team expected him to be. When it comes to tight ends, the Patriots spent the entire 2019 season with only Matt LaCosse and Ben Watson but will need to add more dept to that position.

There’s always free agency and the draft that will help the Patriots fill in the holes that their offense has. More options will become available for them once the market opens later this month, but because signing a top-tier talent is not a guarantee, New England is obviously exploring other avenues.

They do want to have Brady playing for them again next season. He will be the team’s biggest concern this offseason. It has been a while since the Patriots have had to worry about the quarterback position!