Ben Affleck Releases New Details About Tom Brady’s Texts, Says ‘It Would Be Death’ To See Brady In Jets Uniform

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are as curious as all other Patriots fans when it comes to Tom Brady’s upcoming free agent status. Brady will become a free agent for the first time in his career, possibly leaving the Patriots without any kind of security at the quarterback position.

During a recent interview, Affleck shared that he and Damon tried to extract information from Brady but the quarterback didn’t say a word. He also shared that he and Brady exchanged a few texts, but there was no information that could be helpful to fans:

“I have gotten some texts from Tom, but he is very tight-lipped about his future. As I said before, he has the right to make all the money in the world. I hope he gets paid, and I hope they say ‘Whatever it is you can get, we’ll match it. Stick around.'”

During another interview, Affleck spoke about where he thinks Brady will take his career next. He told the reporters that he thinks Brady will stay with his team:

“I’m going to say yes, I’m going to say yes. I think the biggest issue, frankly, is Belichick, and that’s what people don’t talk about. What is Belichick’s agenda? What is he looking for?”

He also explained:

“I hope he stays. I think he’s fabulous. By the same token, he’s given up a lot of money to play for that franchise over the years that he well deserves. The New England Patriots didn’t sacrifice any money winning all those Super Bowls, selling all those tickets, selling all that merchandise. If Tom … I pray and hope that he stays. It would break my heart if he left.”

We, as well as Affleck and many more, hope to see Brady back with the Patriots. It would be best if he can finish his amazing career right where he started it.