Video: Gronk’s Swimsuit Supermodel Girlfriend Camille Kostek Barely Fits In Tiny String Bikini For A SI Photoshoot

Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been dating supermodel Camille Kostek for quite a while now. We’ve been seeing the cute couple in the headlines quite a lot recently.

Not too long ago, Camille went on social media to share a bikini picture of herself. Her body looks amazing, no wonder why Gronkowski is called the luckiest man on earth! Take a look at his amazing girlfriend:

Kostek did an interview a while back, hinting that she and Gronk were more than just a fling. She said:

“I like to think of my life as very spontaneous and new all the time. So whenever a proposal comes into my life, I think that I’ll be very surprised, but right now, Rob and I are totally career-focused. We’re not just a fling. We definitely see a future with each other. But as of right now, there are no plans.”

When talking about Gronkowski, Kostek described him as a person with a larger-than-life personality:

“He is a teddy bear at heart. For as crazy and wild as he’s portrayed by the media, and that is him in the videos being Rockin’ Rob, but I know a very soft side of him that he shows every day.”

She also shared that she is not worried about Gronkowski’s female fans:

“I have a memory of being at a club at Mohegan Sun, and he was talking to a group of girls and I was with my friends. He and I saw each other from across the room and both gave each other a thumbs up. We have each other’s backs, and we both trust each other.”

What an amazing couple! We hope they stay happy together forever and that they agree to take things to another level soon!We are so ready for it!