Tom Brady And Danny Amendola Reunion Won’t Happen

There were some reports that a reunion between veteran quarterback Tom Brady and veteran wide receiver Danny Amendola could happen soon. The New England Patriots let a good receiver go when they allowed Amendola to sign with the Dolphins, but their current offensive line screams for her from the veteran receiver.

During his time with the Patriots, Amendola was called “Danny Playoff” because of his ability to step up his game in the postseason. Playing in 13 postseason games, Amendola was able to catch 57 passes for 709 yards with six touchdowns. Everyone wanted to see him back with the Patriots, but that wasn’t Belichick’s plan.

After leaving the Patriots, Amendola signed a contract with the Miami Dolphins but left the team after only one season. He went on to sign with the Detroit Lions. Since his contract was up this offseason, many thought this was a chance for the Patriots to bring him back. However, recent reports share that Amendola has signed a new contract with the Lions, so he won’t be entering free agency.

While this is great for Amendola, it’s not so good for the Patriots. They are now left with one less option on offense. The last season, we all saw that the players aside from Julian Edelman were just not able to establish a connection with quarterback Tom Brady. The team even brought in Mohamed Sanu, but he didn’t turn out to be the player that the team hoped he would be.

Another thing that the Patriots need to worry about is the tight end position. They have Matt LaCosse, Ryan Izzo and veteran Ben Watson on the list. Ever since Rob Gronkowski retired, the team has been struggling to find a good player to replace him. They could use their early draft picks to get a player that they will be able to groom.