There Was A Time When The Patriots Nearly Rolled Out What Would’ve Been One Of The Ugliest Logos In Sports

The New England Patriots have had two of the best logos in the history of the NFL. The “Flying Elvis” is refreshingly clean, and the vintage “Pat the Patriot” is as all-round awesome, they are more recognizable than most of the logos of other NFL teams.

Back in the day, the Patriots were almost ready to introduce a new logo when fans put a stop to it.’s Angelique Fiske on Friday published a story about the history of the Patriots logo, explaining that there was an option for a new logo in 1979 but fans voted against it.

Patriots logo

This was all well before the time of Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady. Robert Kraft decided to buy the team 26 years ago, and since then, they have become the biggest dynasty in sports. He once said:

“Some people think it’s pretty silly to spend so much money for just a game. But for those of you who aren’t fans, let me tell you that this game holds the attention of the community and communities throughout this country from August to January in a way that’s hard to explain if you’re not into it. And it really impacts the psychology and fabric of the community, and this is my hometown, and I just believe this hometown wouldn’t have been the same if this team had left here.”

During another interview, he said:

“In life, I think it’s important to dream big. My dream was to be able to own the NFL franchise that I adored and was passionate about. I wanted the privilege of trying to run it in my own hometown. [That day] a lot of things came together. It’s unbelievable to me; I just sit back and pinch myself, that we were able to do it. [Tom] Brady and [Bill] Belichick get a lot of the credit, as they deserve to get. Really, the hidden asset in all of this is the fan support we got.

“When I announced on that day that I was buying the team, fans said, ‘What can we do to help?’ and I said, ‘Buy season tickets so we can sell out for the first time.’ Six-thousand people lined up in the snow on a Saturday morning the next day, and they kicked in. That was the beginning of a real love affair between our fans and our family. What they did to support us. They’re carrying on the balance sheet for zero but the fan support is worth a fortune. It really helped us to accomplish what we did knowing they were behind us.”

It’s amazing to see how far they’ve gotten.