Tom Brady Considering Setting Up A Single Location To Meet Teams Who Are Interested In The Six-Time Super Bowl Champion

Tom Brady is going to be a free agent for the first time ever even though he has been playing in the NFL since 2000. Teams aside from the New England Patriots will finally get their chance to pursue the greatest quarterback of all time.

Reports from earlier this week suggest that Brady is considering setting up a single location to meet teams who are interested in the six-time Super Bowl champion. He is not interested in making a whole circus from the situation and wants to hear the teams’ offers in a comfortable location. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio also mentioned that Brady will likely get offers from multiple teams.

Brady will turn 43 before the start of the upcoming season. That makes him one of the oldest players in the league but that still won’t keep teams from trying to get him. Over his time in the league, he has shown everyone that he is the type of quarterback that could get the team out of every bad situation and take them to the win.

Not too long ago, Brady mentioned that he and the Patriots discussed his contract situation but nothing was set in stone. He only explained:

“I think they know how I feel about them and I know how they feel about me. We’ve always had a great relationship and we always will. There’s not much to say other than that. There’s a lot again — everyone needs to take some time to evaluate where they are at and evaluate the decisions they need to make moving forward.

“The Patriots will do that. Every team will do that. The players who have the opportunity to be free agents will do that. And then when the time is right — I guess in six weeks from now — everyone will make their decisions.”

We can’t wait to see what Brady decides!