Julian Edelman Dating Mexican Actress Eiza González, Seen Leaving a Famous Restaurant In Los Angeles Together

Julian Edelman reportedly has a new girlfriend and she is a stunner!

According to recent reports, the New England Patriots wide receiver was seen leaving a famous Los Angeles restaurant on Valentine’s Day. On his arm was Mexican actress Eiza González. She has recently become famous for his roles in series and films such as From Dusk till Dawn and Baby Driver.

The fact that the two were on a date on Valentine’s Day suggests that the two are more than just friends. This is kinda confusing considering that just a couple of weeks back, rumors emerged saying that Edelman was seeing famous singer Demi Lovato. However, that relationship was never confirmed and we are yet to learn more about this one.

A while back, Edelman was seeing Swedish model Ella Rose. They never got married because things were never really that serious between them, but they welcomed a daughter into the world. Sweet Lily Rose is now her father’s biggest love even thought in the beginning, Edelman was not sure she was his biological child. After filling a paternity lawsuit to acknowledge that the baby is his, Rose managed to prove that it was in fact Edelman’s daughter.

In an interview a while back, Edelman said that Lily changed his life:

“One hundred percent. When you become a pa, you have different priorities now and you’re not living for yourself, you’re living for someone else now. It’s pretty cool to go out and experience success and having your little human that’s just running around saying “Da-Da” that doesn’t know anything is going on. She’s like a little good luck charm. It’s unbelievable when you get to see her after a game. The feeling has changed. My whole family’s been a part of my road with how close we are and to welcome her in, it just makes it bigger and better.”

We can’t wait to learn more about Edelman and González’s relationship.