Video: Troubled Ex NFL Star Antonio Brown Opens Up About Recent Legal Troubles And Hints At Return To NFL

Antonio Brown quickly went from the best receiver in the NFL to the most hated player in the league. Over the past year, he spent only a short amount with the New England Patriots and had a contract with the Raiders but didn’t even make his debut for them.

Since the time he was with the Raiders, a lot of things have changed. There have multiple accusations against Brown, he was arrested and spent some time in jail. Now, he’s on an apology tour that, to many, doesn’t seem very sincere. During a recent interview with Complex, Brown spoke about possibly returning to the league and how he’s been talking to Jon Gruden, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Brown said:

“I just talked to Jon Gruden today, might I say. I don’t know how it’s going to go, but who knows? If they want to bring it back, we’ll think about.”

He also spoke about Tom Brady, hinting that they become real close during the time Brown spent with the team:

“Tom if you listening to this, I love you bro! 2020, Tom to AB.”

Then, in another interview, Brown spoke about his personal life and the changes in his career:

“I am sure that you all go through something that you done reacted or did something, and you come to your senses. When I get emotional, when I get excited, it is like being on the field. You simply react from your emotion.”

He also said:

“I think therapy is a good thing for anyone, especially people in my position. Being able to talk to someone that don’t have an agenda, you know, listen to you and support your well-being.”

About his comeback to the league, he said:

“I wanted them to need me there. Wanted and needs is like two different things, you know, I want a lot of things, but I don’t need it.”

We are yet to see what this man does next.