The 30-Year-Old Former New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Flaunted His Flawless Physique In Miami

Rob Gronkowski has been retired from the NFL for a year now but that doesn’t mean that he has stopped working out.

Earlier this week, the former tight end was spotted in Miami with his long-time girlfriend Camille Kostek. The 30-year old amazed everyone with his ribbed body, showing everyone that he’s still got it.

Abs-olutely fabulous: Rob Gronkowski showed he's no slouch himself when it comes to rocking swimwear, as the retired NFL star stepped out of the Miami surf on Wednesday
A perfect 10: The 30-year-old former New England Patriots tight end flaunted his flawless physique in just a pair of board shorts for the winter dip

This comes shortly after Gronk had his Super Bowl party in Miami. He has always had this party persona that has made people view him as a partying, drinking kind of guy. When asked by reporters if people have a misconception about him, Gronk said:

“Yeah, I would definitely say it’s a little misconception, in a way. There is no doubt I like to have fun. I like to dance, I like to be silly, but I would say that there’s a little misconception about to what level that is. I would definitely say it has changed over my career. I wouldn’t say I’m a different person [now], but I would say I have a different style of having fun and partying. When I was in my young twenties, it was a whole different ball game. You grow up, things change, your decisions change. Things affect you differently than what they would have when you’re younger.

“I like to have a good time. I like to be silly. I like to lose my mind…lose my mind in a positive way, where you’re just having a blast. That’s what the goal of this party: to have positive energy there. People just lose their mind in a good way, meaning they just have fun, just laughing, giggling. Just having a blast, dancing your face off, and just being mindfulness while you’re at the party. But yeah. I would definitely say that there definitely is a little misconception about, to a degree. I ain’t partying every day, be drinking all this time, man. That’s too much. I got way too much on my plate. I got to always be focused. I do like to have a good time, no doubt about that, when the time’s right. There’s always time to celebrate when the time is right.”

We love fun Gronk and we hope he never loses that side of himself!