NFL Writer Believes Patriots Will Make ‘Surprise Cuts’ This Offseason

The New England Patriots have quite an interesting offseason ahead of them. For the first time in a long time, they will need to think about a lot more positions than in previous years.

This offseason, nineteen players are going into free agency including quarterback Tom Brady who has been with the team since 2000. The team is reportedly willing to give him over $30 million to stay, but Brady seems interested in exploring his market value before he makes any decision.

Bill Belichick is not a coach that bases his decisions on what a player has done in general but what a player has done recently for the team. Because of that, some reporters seem to think that some unexpected cuts will happen this offseason.’s Gregg Rosenthal explained:

“(Mohamed) Sanu’s $6.5 million base salary looked like a bargain when the Patriots traded for him, but his rough stretch since then could potentially put his roster spot in jeopardy. (Patrick) Chung, one of Bill Belichick’s favorite defenders, struggled to keep up in coverage last season.”

The Patriots could make many changes to the roster, but the one player they need to stay is Brady. So far, he has been vague about where he wants to continue his career. He only said:

“I can only say how I feel, and that’s what’s the truth to me and what’s authentic to me. And I have no decision that I have made, and there won’t be for some considerable time. So I know there is speculation; there always is. That’s just part of being in professional sports; that’s part of being a professional athlete.

“When people aren’t talking about this season, they want to talk about next season, and the reality is that next season is quite a ways away. I have some other things that are happening at this time. Like I said, spending some time with my family, my loved ones and giving them the time they need. And then as people begin to plan for next season, like I said, these things will take care of themselves.”