Brett Favre Doesn’t See Decline In Brady’s Game ‘His cast is inexperienced’

Brett Favre sees the greatness in Tom Brady. The New England Patriots quarterback was criticized a lot after having a not-so-successful season with his team, but Favre says that none of it was Brady’s fault.

To be honest, Brady’s stats were not the best this season. Even though this lead many to say that Brady’s game was declining, Favre doesn’t agree. During a recent interview, he said:

“Tom and I have had conversations over the last two or three years, after the season was over, where I felt the need to tell him my opinion, and I felt like his game had not declined one bit, and I feel the same way this year. I hear a lot of so-called experts say his age is catching up with him. I don’t see that. I saw a quarterback still doing what he does but the cast around him was not up to par.”

Over the past few seasons, the Patriots have lost a lot of offensive weapons after they traded away Brandin Cooks and let Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan leave the team in free agency. Then, Gronkowski decided to retire, Josh Gordon was back at his ways and had to be let go, and we all know what happened with Antonio Brown. In the last season, the players Brady had available to him were Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, N’Keal Harry, and Phillip Dorsett. Favre added:

“His game is as good as it’s ever been. His cast is — I don’t want to say is not good — is inexperienced.”

Brady is now at risk of leaving the Patriots in free agency. If the team wants to keep him around for the following season or more, they need to make some offensive changes that will tempt him into staying. We are yet to see if that happens!