Rumors: Chargers Might Be Considering Going In A Different Direction Despite Multiple Rumors Of Going After Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s free agency seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. There have been several teams linked to the veteran quarterback as possible landing spots but the Los Angeles Chargers are the most commonly mentioned team.

Phillip Rivers’ future with the team is uncertain at the moment, but the roster that he could be leaving behind is a quite talented one. Such a roster would be a great fit for Brady, who is 42-years old and hopes to win more titles before calling it quits. However, a recent report suggests that the Chargers are not really interesting is signing Brady. Bleach Report’s Matt Miller said:

“What will the Los Angeles Chargers do at quarterback? All signs from league sources indicate the team will draft a signal-caller—either Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa— in the first round, but within the last three days there have been a number of unsolicited calls and texts about a trade for Cam Newton.

“This makes sense.

“The Chargers need a quarterback, but they also need to sell tickets. Bringing in a household name and marketable option is business savvy and football smart if Newton is healthy. The most likely move is still to draft the next franchise quarterback at No. 6 overall, but there’s enough buzz surrounding a Newton trade to mention it here.”

Brady is set to enter free agency on March 18th. Before that deadline, he will have a chance to discuss signing a new contract with the Patriots. They have been his team for his entire career in the league and it only seems fair that they allow him to finish his career where he started it.

There’s only a short amount of time left before free agency kicks in. We hope to see Brady sign with the Patriots as soon as possible!