New England Patriots Rookie Joejuan Williams Arrested For Drug Possession

The New England Patriots have been all over the headlines recently for all kinds of reasons.

Earlier this month, wide receiver Julian Edelman was arrested from misdemeanor vandalism. It was reported that he jumped on a car for no apparent reason, causing some damage to it. The receiver was also reportedly drunk at the time, as he was seen partying with former Patriots receiver Danny Amendola.

This week, reporters about rookie cornerback Joejuan Williams’s arrest are all over the headlines. He was apparently stopped by Tennessee Highway Patrol at 9:37 p.m. for speeding, per police, and discovered that he possessed a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, and prescription drugs without a prescription. Williams was drafted by the Patriots as the 45th overall pick last year. He played nine games for the team, taking 80 defensive snaps and another 85 on special teams. He also had five tackles and one pass deflection.

However, the reason why the Patriots have been in the headlines so much recently is quarterback Tom Brady. Having spent his entire 20-season career playing for the Patriots, he is now going into free agency for the first time ever. This is exciting, but also worrisome times as Brady could leave the team. There have been many rumors about where he will end up but Brady doesn’t seem eager to make a decision:

“There is a lot of time to figure these things out. I don’t think any player or team is ready to make any commitments at this point, and I’m sure as the offseason progresses those things will take care of themselves.

“The contract things, a week after the season, I would say these things haven’t even started to pick up. It’s really not my concern at this point. It’s been about decompressing and resting my mind a little bit and resting my body and spending time with the people who have supported me over the last six months.”

We can’t wait to see what happens with the Patriots after this offseason.