This Is The Advice Tom Brady Gave To Jimmy Garoppolo Ahead Of NFC Championship Game

When Tom Brady applied for the 2000 NFL Draft, he hoped to get a position with the San Francisco 49ers because that was the team he grew up rooting for.

The draft got Brady in New England, where he was a backup for a season before taking the starting position. Since then, he has held his position and those who have been his backups have had the chance to learn from the best. One of those players is Jimmy Garoppolo, who is now the starting quarterback of the 49ers.

Yesterday, Brady did an interview in which he opened up about watching Garoppolo play. He explained:

“I love watching Jimmy play, he’s doing a great job for them. I got a lot of family and friends in the Bay Area. I really can’t consider myself a fan of any team at this point anymore, but I definitely have some affiliations.”

About Garoppolo’s ability to control his team, Brady said:

“That’s important, certainly in the game. Every time you take the field, you have to be the one that everyone looks to for the poise, for the discipline to try to play error-free football. As a quarterback, you have the ability to call the play in the huddle. Naturally, you have the voice that everyone is listening to, so if you can display to them that you’re confident in what’s being called and how you’re going to go out and execute, it can give everyone a sense that you’re in control.” 

When asked what advice he would give Garoppolo, Brady said:

“Do what you’ve done all year. To get to this point — you’ve got to this point with an incredible team playing really complementary football. It’s not about doing something different. It’s about going out and having really solid execution.” 

Garoppolo and the 49ers are going to the Super Bowl after defeating the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.